Monday, 21 June 2010

Competitive Intelligence

What is competitive intelligence?

- In order to compete with and beat your competitors you need to know and understand them
- Large companies take a very methodical approach to this and may use specialist CI providers
- Lots of different pieces of information are put together to produce a picture of the competitors strengths, weaknesses, performance and intentions
- The principles can be simplified and used by small businesses

Why do you need competitive intelligence?
- To pick up new products and trends in your market
- To identify new markets
- To improve your understanding of what is important to your customers
- To adjust your proposition and positioning to make the most of relative strengths and weaknesses
- To take advantage of opportunities such as competitor failure

How do you gather competitive intelligence?

o Their website
o Social media sites
o Newspapers
o Filings (Companies House)
o Job ads
o Press releases

o Their marketing materials, brochures, pricelists
o Trade shows
o Suppliers/partners/sub-contractors
o Their customers, your customer surveys
o Trade press

How should you do this in a small business?
- Keep a simple file of information you pick up about your key competitors
- Periodically, plan time to do a few hours research on them
- Periodically, plan time to review your proposition and positioning against this information using Competitor Analysis
- Adjust your proposition and look at the new opportunities suggested

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