Tuesday, 6 April 2010

How much is your business worth?

As a business owner, you should be starting with the end in mind, and the end must be maximizing the value of your business when you pass the reins on.  Whatever your goals (and if you have them clear in your mind and written down you're in the minority), understanding how you make your business more valuable will be key to achieving them.

I'm not talking about selling up right now.  In any case, unless you are an exceptional owner running an exceptional business, you need to aim off by at least three years to get things into a state where you can sell and get value.  I'm not even talking about selling ever - you might want to hand it on to the next generation.  I'm talking about understanding what increases the value of your business to others - and then managing those things.  The reason is simple; the things that make your business valuable to someone else make it manageable, resilient, growing and profitable for you.

The factors you need to consider are not just financial (although those are pretty important, of course).  You'll also need to understand and address the vision, market positioning, processes, quality of revenue - and your own role now and in the future.

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